Foto's van mijn bezoek aan de E3 2006 in Los Angeles

*** hieronder ouwe ongeupdate rotzooi ***

Since I just started filling this part of the Samanet website, the gallery is quite empty yet. What can be expected of the Samanet gallery? Well, if I have any photos that might be nice to publish, they will be published here. As I already mentioned at other parts of this Samanet-part, I am currently studying web programming and I will also try to develop a password system. If I succeed, more private photographs and materials will be available only to those who I give access. General material will be displayed here without having to enter a password. Apart from photographs, Photoshop creations, stories, scenario's and the like might be put here as well. Enjoy the little amount of pictures available now and please come back after a while.

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The place where I was born: Pollux, near Zuurdijk.
The farmhouse where I was born: Pollux, near Zuurdijk.
In traditional farmer's outfit in Huis ten Bosch, Japan, together with fellow student Sander (r) and tutor Frans Verwayen (m).