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Diary: 17 september 2003 (Wednesday)

The diary is not yet in use. As soon as there have come some visitors to this site, I will take it in use. More information about the diary can be read in the diary section of this website.

In this diary, I will try to write as many days as possible some of the high and low points. It is to be quite a general diary, since it will not necessarily have something to do with any part of this website. I write down here whatever I would like to write down. In the future, I plan to automatize this diary using PhP/MySQL which will probably result in me being not too lazy to keep this diary up.

Before you continue reading: after this part of Samanet was launched, no updates have taken place. Everything you will find here is about 2,5 years old. This site will be updated in the near future.

Welcome to the Samanet part of Samanet! This part of Samanet is actually my (Rieks') personal part, although some not so personal things can be found here as well. Partly the Samanet part functions as a training ground for myself - I am currently exploring the world of webprogramming and things I made myself and things I want to experiment with will be put firstly in this part. A guestbook, messageboard and the like are therefore not yet available - I plan to create those myself instead of, as in the other parts, making use of free services of others. Details about those things can be read in the messageboard and guestbook sections of this website.

Apart from my experiments, other things about me and my interests can be found here to. Actually, everything that didn't fit in the other two parts of Samanet will be put here. You can, for example, find my profile, a diary (as you can see at the right of this screen), a gallery (containing different sorts of things I made or that are related to me, e.g. photographs, graphics, stories, etc.) and probably some information on videogames as well. Since I just launched this part of the website, there's not much yet, but more is to follow as soon as I find the time.

As I did with the other two parts, this frontpage is meant to inform you about the latest changes on this part of the website and news that has something to do with me. If I get my drivers license or a phantastic job, this is the first place where you can get to know :). Okay, might not be so interesting to know everything about me, but please, grant me the pleasure :).

Rieks Warendorp Torringa.

September 17th, 2003 - Samanet part finally online!

Finally, the Samanet part of Samanet is online! A detailed introduction can be read above, but since I wanted to have at least one newspost available when launching this site, I write it here once again.

As I stated in other parts of this website, I didn't want to make use of free webtools anymore, but wanted to develop them myself. To enable the option to give me feedback on newsposts, however, I do already offer the possibility to react on frontpage newsposts, still making use of the Response-O-Matic response forms. As soon as I have made something like that myself, I will of course replace them with my own creation. If that happens, I will of course inform you on this frontpage.

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