September 17th, 2003 - Samanet part finally online!

Finally, the Samanet part of Samanet is online! A detailed introduction can be read above, but since I wanted to have at least one newspost available when launching this site, I write it here once again.

As I stated in other parts of this website, I didn't want to make use of free webtools anymore, but wanted to develop them myself. To enable the option to give me feedback on newsposts, however, I do already offer the possibility to react on frontpage newsposts, still making use of the Response-O-Matic response forms. As soon as I have made something like that myself, I will of course replace them with my own creation. If that happens, I will of course inform you on this frontpage.




Finally everything you always wanted to know about Rieks but were afraid to ask. Bundled neatly together in here, his very first completely home-made website. Splendid Job my friend, keep up the good work.

Submitted by: Dennis 
September 19th, 2003

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