At the moment, the messageboard of the Samanet-part of Samanet isn't available yet. If you wonder why (there already are messageboards installed in the other parts of Samanet), the answer is simple: I plan to put a messageboard online here which is created completely by myself. This part of Samanet is my personal part and I want to try and put my own creations online. The messageboards available in the other parts of Samanet are services offered by other websites and include advertisements, are limited in administrative functions and are generally slow. I just started exploring the world of PhP/MySQL and I will try to create my own messageboard with that. If I succeed, the messageboards in the other parts of Samanet will naturally be replaced as well.

In the mean time, beta-versions of my messageboard might be displayed here. If I created something that doesn't function for the full 100%, I might temporarily put it online to test it. At the moment, however, nothing is available yet. If you want to leave me a message, you can either send me a private mail or leave a message on the messageboards of the Sargon/MSX part or the Virtual Arsenaal.