Here's a list of links to friends and links to sites that don't fit in the other parts of Samanet. Enjoy.

One of the websites of my brother in law. A series of links to various pages can be found here.
A website that offers various free tools for websites.
A videogame store located in Groningen. The newest games are available here, as well as import games. There's a postorder service as well.
The Tokelau website where .tk domains can freely be registered.
A webtool to translate texts from Japanese to English and the other way around. The quality will never get near the quality of a professional translation, but for those who want to understand at least something in Japanese, this tool might come in handy.
The personal website of a friend of mine, Frank Gerritsen. Basically has the same function to him as this Samanet part has to me.
A page with much information about HTML and CSS.
A page with various nice JavaScript routines, free to use for your own website.
Japanese language services offered amongst others by the Samanet webmaster. This site is also designed by me (Rieks).
A website where everything concerning the PHP scripting language is explained.
This site is developed and maintained by my brother in law. The site is about his punkrockband 'Pooier 666'.
At this site, a nice and usable free form processor is offered. It's currently in us for the forms on Samanet as well.
I have desparately been looking for the name of this website, but it is simply called 'Sander van Splunter's homepage'. About his work and research done at the VU Amsterdam.
A Dutch site that offers free guestbooks and hosts them as well. They are really good. For an example, see the guestbook in the Sargon/MSX part of this site or the 'prikbord' in the Virtual Arsenaal.
Upload your HTML files to validate them. A very nice webtool to verify your HTML code.