The hall was as bizarre as the rest of the building, being far wider than it was long. The length being offset by the immense mirrors that were hung on the wide windowless walls, these mirrors, infinitely reflecting each others' depths made, in combination with the high ceiling, for an uncanny sense of depth in the room. Apparently the right windows opened up to the beautiful yard with its prized collection of rare plants and its beautifully arranged tees and flowerbeds that lay around the sprawling museum turned palace. Whereas the left-hand side windows gave view upon the courtyard of this ancient building an inner yard that opened to the air above and held a collection of ancient statues.

Little did the thief care for all the beauty of the place, an escape route was seen and noted in the right-hand side windows and with a cold professional determination his mind turned towards his quarry. There it was, set in a meticulously crafted crystal display case, that most fabled of prizes, the Lady's Eye. The lady it had been dedicated to long dead and forgotten, it was now no more than a mere trinket for display, and tonight no more than a mere job for the thief.

Deftly picking the lock on the case the thief had, all at once, opened the little door, slid the jewel in his loot bag and close the case all without the slightest sound. The sudden twang of a bowstring and the following whistle of the arrow caused him to whirl around in shock. As the arrow shattered the crystal behind him, and a magical light set the hall asparkling the thief realized that tonight's shadows had not been his alone. But though his heart raced his mind, that chilling tool of cold logic, turned him towards the nearest window on his left. "Only two floors down," he knew. Two swift leaps and a shattering of glass as the window gave and the thief plummeted down to earth in a hail sparkling shards.

Luck however had turned against the thief beyond the undoing of his skills. For as his feet touched the soft carpet of grass and his body instinctively flexed itself to absorb the impact, the thief found himself surrounded. From beyond his range his vision a voice soft, yet commanding through the subtlety of it's tone addressed him.